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The Allegany County 4-H Paws and Pals Club is a unique project club that focuses on dogs and technology. You might be wondering how the two connect. With two main focal points, our club is like two very special clubs in one.

On one hand (or paw as the case may be), you have the dog project that focuses on building strong bonds between kids and their dogs. Our program is built around positive reinforcement training. You won't find any choke chains here! By teaching children the proper way to handle their dogs, proper nutrition for their pets, and responsible pet ownership, it sets the stage for a tremendous amount of fun and excitement as only 4-H can offer.

On the other hand is the technology side of our club. 4-H'ers will learn first hand how to operate and manage a full time e-commerce site and mail order business. Through www.4-HPawsNPals.com our club will distribute a unique line of products. This web site and mail order business will fund our project, learning activities, community service projects, and competitions. It will teach children and teens entrepreneurship, leadership, problem solving skills, financial management, and decision making.

You don't need a dog to join the 4-H Paws and Pals Club. Through 4-H's unique Lease A Dog program, children can take responsibility for a dog whose owners have generously donated their dog's time to spend a few hours each week with a special 4-H'er. This sets the stage for a child taking responsibility and being dependable.

And don't forget about the FUN! Agility, botox training, Doggie Drillteam, and Rally-O are just a few of things that are available to interested kids and dogs. We'll be visiting and competing in state and regional dog shows. If your child is a Jeopardy whiz..you'll want to be sure to sign up for Dog Quiz Bowl. This team sport is played like Jeopardy and matches team member's knowledge of dog facts galore. Dog Quiz Bowl teams will compete in the state competition in October.

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